Fondant Letter Cutter

FMM Alphabet Letter Script
Kode : 501
Rp. 75.000,-

FMM Alphabet Lower Case Letter Cutter Classic
Kode : 502
Rp. 75.000,-

Fondant Letter Impress Set for 2D (emboss letter)
Kode : 503
Harga : Rp.50.000,-

UK Windsor Cake Craft (Lower Case Groovy)/clikstix
Kode : 504
Harga : Rp.120.000,-

FMM Alphabet Upper Case Letter & Number Cutter Classic
Kode : 505
Harga : Rp.90.000,-

FMM Alphabet Upper Case Letter & Number Cutter Script
Kode : 506
Harga : Rp.90.000,-

UK Windsor Cake Craft (Upper Case)/clikstix
Kode : 507
Harga : Rp.130.000,-

Kitchen Pro Alphabet Cutter
Kode : 508
Harga : Rp.50.000,-

FMM Lower Case Funky
Kode : 509
Harga : Rp.110.000,-

FMM Upper Case Funky
Kode : 510
Harga : Rp.150.000,-

FMM Words Embosser Script

“Happy”, “Birthday”, “Anniversary”,”Congratulations”
Kode : 511

FMM Words Embosser Upper Case

“Happy”, “Birthday”, “Anniversary”,
Kode : 512

UK Windsor Clikstix Lower Case Block
Kode : 513

Harga : Rp.120.000,-

UK Windsor Clikstix Upper Case Block
Kode : 514
Harga : Rp.130.000,-

Jem Alphabet Cutter and Embosser (Lowercase and Uppercase)
Kode : 515
Harga : Rp.85.000,-


Wilton Script Letter Press Set (6pcs)
Kode : 516

wilton block letter press set

Wilton Block Letter Press Set (6pcs)
Kode : 517

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